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CADinTools Macros

CADINTOOLS - Software for Design Applications.

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CADinTools - VBA Macros for CorelDRAW

   NEW VERSION !!! 4.0.5.Update45  (Jan-25-2018)  

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CADinTools is an additional toolbar for your CorelDraw or CorelDesigner. Extra tools for Architecture, Engineering, Product Design, mechanical drawing and Technical drawing.

Software Requirements:

CorelDraw Graphics Suite: CorelDraw 11 - 2017.

CorelDraw Technical Suite: CorelDesigner 10 - 2017.

Operating System:  Windows 98, 2000, 2003, XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10.

VBA (Visual Basic for Applications).  If VBA is not installed, you need to reinstall CorelDraw and activate VBA. (VBA is provided with most CorelDraw suites, not with all)

Features and Examples:

CadinTools Macros for Coreldraw toolbar

icon box More Information (Selection Filter, Drawing Scales, Length and Area, Curve Edition, Transform Shapes and Nodes, Draw Lines, Arc, Circle, Triangle, Polygon, Rectangle, Isometric Projections, Surface Development, Calculator, Unit Conversion, Quick Text Editor)

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Installation Guide:

icon install Guide to Install the Software in your PC and to activate the toolbar in your CorelDraw application.

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You will benefit with free updates of version 4.x.

CAD Tips for Corel Draw :

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