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Step 2B - Manual Toolbar Activation :

  1. Open Corel DRAW or Corel DESIGNER.
  2. Select the menu : Tools>Options
  3. In the 'Options window' select 'Work Space' (the first of the list)
  4. Click the [Import] button.
  5. In the opened window click the [Explore] button (in some versions 'Browse')
  6. Explore to <Program Files>\<CADinToolsCDR> to import the file: cad4cdr.cwf (CorelDRAW 11), cad4cdr.xslt (CorelDRAW 12 , X3, X4, X5), cad4des.cwf (CorelDESIGNER 10) or cad4des.xslt (CorelDESIGNER 12, X4, X5)
  7. Select to import into the Current WorkSpace.
  8. Repeat Step2B for each Corel application where you want to activate the Toolbar.

Note: With CorelDraw11 and CorelDesigner10, you have to import the icons manually into the toolbar.

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