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Curve edition tool

  • Divide curves (Selection of one or more curves) :
    • 'n' Parts: Divide a curve in 2 or more parts.
    • Length 'x': Divide a curve at 'x' length from the start point or the end point.
    • Options: Divide with Nodes, Divide with Marks.
    • Note: If a node range is selected, the division is applied between the first and last node selected. If the curve has more than one subpath, subpaths are treated independently.
  • Join multiple curves :  Join two or more curves (only if their ending nodes are overlapped)
  • Delete segments : Delete all segments between the first and last selected node.
  • Close curves : Close all selected curves.
  • Create Marks : Create a Mark on all the nodes of all selected curves. Select a node range to Mark only the selected nodes.
  • Create straight curves : Create a straight curve with the same length and number of nodes as the original curve.
  • Create a Bisector : Create a Bisector between 2 selected curves. Create a Bisector from a selected node.
  • Create Tangents : Create all Tangents between two selected curves.

Note1: The measure unit is the actual unit of the active document.
Note2: You can use formulas in the text boxes ("See the Calculator Tool")