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VBA Macros for CorelDraw

Installation Guide

CADinTools Toolbar

Software Installation

Step 1 - Software Installation :

  1. Close CorelDraw or CorelDesigner.
  2. Run 'Setup_cad4cdr.exe', select the toolbar language (English  / Español  / Português  / Français)

(For software update: Just Install the software, it is not necessary to activate again)

Step 2 - Toolbar Activation :

  1. Open CorelDRAW or Corel DESIGNER
  2. Select the menu : Tools>Scrpts>Play... (or Tools>Macros>Play...)
  3. Select 'jm.add_CADtoolBar' and activate the toolbar

    toolbar activation
  4. Repeat Step2 for each Corel application you want to activate the Toolbar.

Step 3 - Finish the Installation :

Try the evaluation software for 30 days, some tools are disabled after the trial period.



VBA is not installed ('Tools>VisualBasic>Play...' is disabled)

  • Install again Corel Draw and be sure to enable 'Visual Basic for Applications'.
  • Disable your antivirus and personal firewall if you think it is in conflict.
  • Some old educational versions of CorelDRAW doesn't include VBA.

The [Import Toolbar] command fails.

  • Try the [Create Toolbar] command.

The [Import Toolbar] and [Create Toolbar] commands fail.

The installer can't find any CorelDRAW version.

  • Be sure that CorelDRAW is installed on your system.
  • If CorelDRAW is installed, copy all files from <Program Files>\CADinTools  to  <Program Files>\<Corel>\<Corel Draw Graphics Suites XX>\Draw\GMS\

I lost my registration information.


Contact Support :

For technical support send a mail to: Please, report Windows version, Corel Draw/Designer Version, error number or screenshots: [Print Screen] key.