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Step 2B - Manual Toolbar Activation :

  1. Open Corel DRAW or Corel DESIGNER.
  2. Select the menu : Tools>Options
  3. In the 'Options window' select 'Work Space' (the first of the list)
  4. Click the [Import] button.
  5. In the opened window click the [Explore] button (in some versions 'Browse')
  6. Explore to <Program Files>\<CADinToolsCDR> to import the file: cad4cdr.cwf (CorelDRAW 11), cad4cdr.xslt (CorelDRAW 12 , X3, X4, ...) or cad4des.xslt (CorelDESIGNER)
  7. Select to import into the Current WorkSpace.
  8. Repeat Step2B for each Corel application where you want to activate the Toolbar.

Note: With CorelDraw11 you have to import the icons manually into the toolbar.

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