CADinTools Loading

VBA Macros for CorelDraw

Features & Examples

CADinTools Toolbar

Additional tools for your CorelDRAW or CorelDESIGNER

1.  Selection Filter (Main window)
2.  Drawing Scale
3.  Information
4.  Information between 2 points
5.  Curve Edition
6.  Transform Shapes and Nodes
7.  Draw Lines and Arc 3P
8.  Arcs
9. Isometric Projections
10. Surface Development
11. Set Origin of Coordinates
12. 2D Geometric Shapes
13. Calculator / Unit Conversion
14. Quick Text Editor

CorelDraw activity history

Use CorelDraw's Undo / Redo to see a history of activities of CADinTools.

To change the language of the Toolbar, run the installer again.