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Macro to Get Information between two points

  • Total : Show the total length, angle and deltax,y between 2 points.
  • History : Show the last totals.
  • Deg180(angle) : if an angle is major to 180 degrees, it reduces 180 degrees.
  • Abs(Delta X,Y) : show only absolute values (not negatives).
  • : Get the information between 2 Points.
  • : Get the information between the Last Point and the Next Point. (The "Next Point Window" is shown if a shape is selected)

Note1: The measure unit is the actual unit of the active document.
Note2: With Scale (checked = default)



"Find the radius of an Arc created with the Arc Tool"

  • In this example we will measure the radius (distance between the Rotation Point  and the Start Node of an Arc)

  • Select the "Arc Tool"Arcs and draw an Arc: (Base: 9.0  Height:2.5)

  • Unselect all shapes (if there were any selected)
  • Click the button (Distance between two points)

  • Click over the border of the Arc.
  • The window "Pick 1st Point" will be shown.
    • Select Rotation Point and press [OK] (Rotation Point = center of the circular arc)
  • Click over the border of the same Arc.
  • The window "Pick 2nd Point" will be shown.
    • Select "Start Node" and press [OK] (Start Node of the Arc)
  • The radius = 5.3