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Get Information Macro

  • Total :  Show the total length, deltax,y and total area.
  • Length, Angle, DeltaX,Y, Area : Information to show.
  • Details : Information about known shapes like: circles, ellipses, rectangles (not skewed or distort) and curves (subpaths and information between a range of selected nodes).
  • History : The last total.
  • Deg180(angle) : if an angle is major to 180 degrees, it reduces 180 degrees.
  • Abs(Delta X,Y) : show only absolute DeltaX,Y values (not negatives).
  • Update : Update the details with the options selected.

Note1: The measure unit is the actual unit of the active document.
Note2: With Scale (checked = default)
Note3: You can select and copy the Details Box information to another program like Excel or Quattro Pro.